Elevate your well-being,
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A message from the founder

I have embarked on a journey of self-discovery and health, after experiencing much trauma and strife, as we all have. To be human, is to suffer. This is the nature of the human being. My journey has allowed me to reconnect to the light within, the light that we all enter this planet with. A state of bliss that is not attached to anything outside of ourselves. Our lives can take us into dark places, which lead us astray and into habits and patterns of avoidance and self-destruction, wreaking havoc on our health and wellbeing.

My path has led me to study, practice and embody the following pillars that have helped me reach levels of joy and freedom that I never knew possible. This is why I created Find Your Light Wellness, to share these beautiful gifts with the world, so that we can all live a better life. We should not be sick, exhausted, and stressed.

There is no place of perfect health, for perfection does not exist and never will! Life is beautiful journey of learning, letting go of what does not serve us and transforming our greatest messes into our greatest gifts. This is a never-ending journey, all it is, is the constant ebb and flow of life. Living lightly and joyfully and transcending into the highest versions of ourselves.

So come join my family, and you will never be alone again.

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Holistic Health Coach

Umashnee graduated from the Integrative Institute for Nutrition as an IIN Health coach, she brings her own unique identity to her coaching. Since then, she has been coaching clients in all areas of health and wellness. She coaches the individual and values authenticity and integrity. She is able to hold a safe space of light, guiding and helping the client to reach their highest potential. Once this door is open, you will never be the same again.

Yoga Instructor

Umashnee completed her 200 hour teacher training with BeYoga, and has since taught many happy yogis. The classes are a space of non-judgement, suiteable for all levels of fitness, shapes and sizes. She also includes a free webinar with the yoga packages, which provide an introduction into yoga philosophy and shows students how to live a life of yoga, allowing one to practice with greater understanding of the deeper and more subtle levels that yoga works with.

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Mediation Instructor

Umashnee qualified as a meditation instructor with Chopra, bringing this practice in as a beautiful instrument in mental, psychological, and spiritual wellness. She believes that it is the tool that helps one live out all areas of health, wellness and Being with efficiency and awareness. Only now is science catching up with this ancient wisdom, past down from sages of the past. Meditation connects one to their Spirit, their Soul, it connects us to our inner guidance and gives us the much-needed relief from the ever increasing noise of the outside world.